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Only one day, then go to the most essential part of Taiyuan.

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Shanxi Museum
Then you can visit the Shanxi Museum, "The Five Thousand Years History of Shanxi", located in the Shanxi Museum of Binhe West Road, Taiyuan City, which gathers the essence of Shanxi cultural relics.
Yingze Park
In the afternoon, you can go to Yingze Park. It is the largest park in Taiyuan. There are flower exhibition halls, aquariums, calligraphy and painting exhibition halls, bonsai gardens and various special botanical gardens such as peony, peony, and rose. There are also tennis courts, miniature golf courses, playgrounds and other entertainment venues.
Tianlong Mountain Grottoes
If you still have time, you can go to the Tianlong Mountain Grottoes. It has a beautiful scenery and was once the summer residence of the Emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty. Part of the road up the mountain is rugged, and self-driving tourists should pay attention to safety.
Jinci Temple
In Taiyuan, you can go to Jinci Temple first. It is a unique and precious historical and cultural heritage integrating ancient Chinese sacrificial architecture, gardens, sculpture, murals and steles. Known as "less than jinci temple, in vain to taiyuan". You can also visit Twin Pagoda Temple if you have time.
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